Emergency Response


The best way to respond to an emergency is by communicating clearly with responders, crews, and generator representatives. Our company excels at communication, which leads to a faster response time and less deliberation, for a cost-effective solution to every problem.

Once onsite, our team investigates every aspect of the job on hand before deciding upon an appropriate response and cleanup method. You can be sure our team will accomplish the task efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money. We are also highly trained in decontamination, post-incident remediation, and air monitoring.

We specialize in:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialty Chemical

Hazmat and Fire emergency response

Our Response Plan and what you can expect:

When a call comes into our 24/7/365 response call center, a dispatch manager will take initial pertinent information, and a dedicated project manager will be on the phone with you within minutes. All the details of the release or incident will be discussed, and a list of assets will be agreed upon prior to mobilization. Once on scene, the response manager will photo-document the incident and design a response plan appropriate to the needs encountered. You can expect JSA execution prior to any mitigation efforts beginning, and constant communication of progress and key events during the response. Spur Environmental Services prides itself on being able to mitigate immediate risks to life, health, and environment then move quickly to eliminate the environmental impact. Environmental agencies that require notification and communication will be constantly updated. Field screening samples will be taken and assessed for the obtaining of closure samples. Third party NELAP certified analytical laboratories will process the samples and return sample analytics based on your requested turnaround times. Profiling, Manifesting, and approval into the appropriate disposal facility is handled in the same efficient manner. Rapid closure of your environment incident is what Spur Environmental Services specializes in accomplishing. This process has proven to alleviate client concerns, save money and move an environmental incident to expedited closure.