• Spur Environmental Services has worked with ExxonMobil to produce a planned remediation project for a historical pipeline spill that encompassed approximately 24,000 square feet at a depth of 6' to 20'. Spur presented an injection approach that saved ExxonMobil approximately 1.4 million in comparison to traditional dig and haul. Spur's customer service and response has been exceptional for a project that took close to a year to get off the ground due to legal and financial reasons. As the project lead, I would highly recommend Spur Environmental for remediation efforts.
    D. Simpson
  • I am an Asset Manager for a REIT with nearly 4,000 properties across the US and a market cap of over $8B. We luckily discovered Spur Environmental Services via a local contact, after an unfortunate and very costly windup to an earlier cleanup project that was performed for a property of ours in Pleasanton, TX by a national and “reputable” company. That experience (and final project cost) was so distasteful that we were forced to find a new, trustworthy and reliable vendor, especially considering the exposure my company has with these types of facilities. Spur Environmental Services really saved the day for us on the Weatherford project and many others. We cannot be any more appreciative of the relationship we have forged with them, nor could we be any less confident of not only their general knowledge of this niche business, but also regarding all local/State codes and regulations – which is critical to a publicly-traded company such as mine. Spur not only successfully completed/closed the Weatherford project for us within the expected timelines and cost expectations, but they also used their expertise and creativity to actually save us money, whether via optimizing certain disposal methods, minimizing equipment use and/or by creating value out of perfectly useful materials and product that remained on site. I simply cannot say enough good words about the professionalism and bottom-line reliability of Graham Laing and his seasoned team, and I am happy to discuss more at any time necessary. I can be reached via the contact information provided atop this Past Performance Questionnaire.
    Respectfully, J. Vlahos
    Asset manager, VEREIT